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12/21/12 - East Coast Port Operations Summary

posted Dec 21, 2012, 12:46 PM by Len James
The below is courtesy of SSA:

To all:  This is the first of continuing updates regarding U.S. East and Gulf Coast Terminal Operations for the anticipated ILA Strike.  This covers operating hours and reefer operations next week prior to the strike.

 Please be advised.


New York

 Gate Hours; Global will extend hours next week but has not announced the exact times . They are also considering a Saturday gate on the 29th

 Reefer Operations; Terminal will not receive export reefers for vessels scheduled after the strike. All efforts to remove  import reefers  prior to the strike should be made.



 Gate Hours; Greenwich will extend hours a upon request 12/26, 12/27 and 12/28 and will open on 12/29 at Lines expense. Charges will be pro-rated if multiple lines participate. The exact hours have not been announced.

 Reefer Operations; HSD has instructed Greenwich not to accept any export reefers booked for vessels scheduled during the strike.



 Gate Hours;  PortsAmerica will extend hours a upon request 12/26, 12/27 and 12/28 and will open on 12/29 at Lines expense. The expense will be prorated if multiple lines participate.

 Reefer Operations; PortsAmerica has been instructed to reject any HSD export reefer booked for a vessel scheduled during the strike.



 Gate Hours: 12/26, 12/27, 12/28 0600 to 2100. Saturday 12/29 0800-1700

 Reefer Operations; Vit has been instructed not to accept any Export Reefer cargo booked to vessels scheduled after the strike has commenced.



 Gate Hours; Extended gate hours announced for 12/26, 12/27 and 12/28 0700 to 0800. Saturday gate 0800 to 1200, 1300 pm to 1700.  SCSPA will pro-rate according to usage. Lines fully participate or business will only be transacted during normal work hours.

 Reefer Operations; SCSPA has been instructed not to accept export reefers for vessels sceduled during the strike.



 Gate Hours;  Gate Operations Wednesday December 26, Thursday December 27, and Friday December 28, GPA will have extended gate hours at gate 4 only until 2000.  Normal hours and cut-off times at gates 3 and 6. Reefer Services after 1615 must be authorized by the Line. Gate Operation on Saturday, December 29, 2012. The Georgia Ports Authority and Gateway Terminals, Inc. will be open for business with normal Saturday gate hours with the possibility of extended hours if needed. 


 Gate Hours; Extended hours can be arranged if necessary. We do not anticipate significant imports on the terminal at the time of the strike.


Port Everglades

 Gate Hours; FIT will extended gate hours to allow for delivery of Import loads with no expense to the Lines. They can not guarantee monitoring of reefer units and encourage all to pick up import perishables and not deliver export reefers unless certain they will sail before the strike.

New Orleans

Gate Hours; No extended gates have been announced. They are available upon request and at Lines' expense 

Reefer Operations; PortsAmerica has been instructed not to accept export reefers booked for vessel schedule during the strike.



 Gate Hours;  Extended gate hours 12/26, 12/27 and 12/28 0700 to 2300. Usage will be evaluated each day and the next days' late gate could be cancelled. IMS empty depot will remain open the same hours that POHA is open. 

 Reefer Operations; POHA has been instructed not to accept export reefers for vessel scheduled during the strike.