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12/21/2012 - GPA Weekend Gates

posted Dec 21, 2012, 7:10 AM by Len James


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Sent: Friday, December 21, 2012 8:26 AM


December 21, 2012 

Dear GPA Customer, 

Please note the following Sunday Gate Operating Hours and Rules in order to plan accordingly. 

The Sunday gate will operate on the same rules and policy as the Saturday gate. 

Christmas Holiday Sunday December 23, 2012 
The following operating conditions will apply: 

Gate Operation on  Sunday, December 23, 2012  The Georgia Ports Authority and 
Gateway Terminals, Inc. will be open for business with normal Sunday gate hours.
GPA is encouraging all to participate in a full gate on Sunday. 

The following Gate Interchange operating conditions will apply:

·        All Transactions must be Pre-Advised 
·        Gate Services will be restricted to Gate 4 only 
Reefer services after 1615 must be authorized by the steamship line to 
     ensure M&R coverage. 
·         Hours of Operation will be 0800 – 1200 x 1300 – 1700 
·        Cut-off for Dry Pick-up will be 16:15 
·        Cut-off for Dry Drop-off will be 1630 

Should you have any questions regarding these Operating Hours and Rules, please contact 
GPA’s Customer Service at (912) 963-5526 or email . 

Happy Holidays and Thank you again for your continued service and cooperation. 

Client Relations Center 
Georgia Ports Authority 
P. O.  Box 2406 
Savannah, Georgia   31402 
Office: 912-963-5526 
Fax: 912-963-5522