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12/24/12 - Revised GPA plans for work stoppage

posted Dec 24, 2012, 5:59 PM by Len James
December 21, 2012 

Dear GPA Customer, 

In the event of a work stoppage, ILA work jurisdiction will be respected by 
the GPA which translates into no vessel or gate activity for the duration.   

The GPA has developed a  detailed Contingency plan to insure we take the appropriate 
steps in the event of a  work stoppage. Below are the details of the ports plan. 


GPA Staff will obviously continue to report to work, this includes all the hourly employees 
who operate our cargo handling equipment and our Police force to insure we maintain a 
safe, secure environment.  ILA work jurisdiction will be respected by the GPA which 
translates into no vessel or gate activity during the work stoppage. 


Prior to any work stoppage the GPA will provide the necessary field equipment  to support 
extended/ late gates to allow as much cargo to be delivered as physically possible. If the 
trucking community and our customers will support a Sunday Gate we will keep our gates 
open through the weekend. We will also do the same once the disruption is resolved. We 
will meet with U.S. Customs & Border Protection next week to insure they have the proper staffing 
to support any extended gates.  We will also meet with Gateway next week to solidify the 
plan ( if necessary). 

Once the work- stoppage has ended, the GPA will work  vessels  in a first come first serve 
format , just as we have following holidays.  We will fully utilize our 9 Berths and 23 
Ship-to-Shore cranes to turn vessels as quickly as possible. 


The GPA will extend free time to its ocean carrier customers for any containers on terminal 
that are currently in free time at the time of any work stoppage. 
Storage charges will continue to accrue for boxes in demurrage. 


If you have any questions regarding perishable cargo, please contact the appropriate 
Maintenance Vendor. 


In preparation for anticipated heavy gate volumes leading up to December 29th we are
working closely with the SACP to insure ample bare chassis are available both on and off dock. 


Rail activity will be limited to the respective on terminal rail yard and cargo will not be interchanged 
to / from the main terminal. 

Should you have any questions please contact GPA’s Customer Service at (912) 963-5526 
or email . 

Happy Holidays and Thank you again for your continued service and cooperation. 

Client Relations Center 
Georgia Ports Authority 
P. O.  Box 2406 
Savannah, Georgia   31402 
Office: 912-963-5526 
Fax: 912-963-5522