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1/31/13: GPA Hours & Rules for potential work stoppage

posted Jan 31, 2013, 11:19 AM by Len James

In order to plan accordingly in the event of a work stoppage, 
please note the following revisions to Gate Operating Hours and Rules.

Gate Operations Monday February 4 and Tuesday February 5,
GPA will have extended gate hours at gate 4 only until 2000.  

The following Operating Conditions will apply:

        All transactions must be Pre-Advised
        Hours of Operation at Gate 4 will be from 06:00 –20:00
        Cut-off for Pick-up Tickets will be 18:30
        Cut-off for Drop –off Tickets will be 19:00
        Cut-off for Reefer Services will remain 16:15

     Reefer services after 1615 must be authorized by the steamship line to
     ensure M&R coverage.

All Trucks must be Interchanged out by 2000 or return the following business day

Normal hours and cut-off times at gates 3 and 6.

                - Reefer Services after 1615 must be authorized by the Line

Gate Operations on Wednesday, February 6.
GPA will have extended gate hours at gate 4 until 2000 or if necessary as late as 2300.

If a work stoppage is averted, the GPA will resume normal gate hours.

Should you have any questions regarding these Operating Hours and Rules, please contact
GPA’s Customer Service at (912) 963-5526 or email .

Thank you again for your continued service and cooperation.

Client Relations Center
Georgia Ports Authority
P. O.  Box 2406
Savannah, Georgia   31402
Office: 912-963-5526
Fax: 912-963-5522